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Burnaby Mathematics Allstars award goes to Cariboo Hill!

This 15 member team went through a gruelling afternoon trying to solve individual and group problems. Our team rose to the challenge to win the  Burnaby Mathematics Allstars award. This is a big deal as Cariboo Hill has never won this award before.

Team members include:

  1. Billy Liu
  2. George Musleh
  3. Callum Lehingrat
  4. Scott Hill
  5. Aliyah Gilani
  6. Amisha Roopra
  7. Reo Tamni
  8. Shiguang Gu
  9. Natlay Musleh
  10. Yvonne Peng
  11. Shyla Chandra
  12. Isaac Leung
  13. Kathrina Pillay
  14. Carrie Wu
  15. Rodrigo Monteiro