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Receiving Your Child’s June 2017 Report Card

Students and parents will not be receiving a paper report card. (Grade 12’s in June 2017 will be the exception – pick up is June 29th @ 9:30 a.m.)

Instead, please go to this website to get a PDF copy:

Your user name and password should have already been emailed to you.  If you did not receive an email with this information from the school, it means that we do not have a current email address.

You can notify the school of your current preferred email address by directly emailing with the following:

 1) Include “Family Portal” and your student’s name in the subject line, eg. “Family Portal – Student Name”

 2) Indicate in the body of the email “First Contact” or “Second Contact” relating to the email address

 3) Be sure to email from the email address you wish to have on file

 Your daughter or son should already have a user name and password as they will likely have used this system already to select their courses for next year.  They can also access the same website and corresponding information.

Further information and instructions can be found at: