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Student-led conferences at Cariboo Hill

The following Cariboo teachers will be piloting student-led conferences during our parent-teacher interview evening on Thursday, January 28th:

  • Mr. G. Bernard (Technology Education)
  • Ms. L. Bernard (Mathematics)
  • Ms. D. Jackson (Visual Arts)
  • Mr. N. Jansen (Science)
  • Ms. M. Myles (Science)
  • Ms. M. Rhodes (English)
  • Ms. J. Roberts (Home Economics)

You will have received the following letter in December:

Student Led Conferences-parent letter

Parents of students of these teachers will sign up for student-led conference appointments using our regular appointment scheduling program, opening on Thursday, January 21st. More information will follow.

All other teachers will continue to have 10 minute parent-teacher interview appointments available for parent booking beginning Thursday, January 21st. Detailed information about appointment booking will be available shortly.