In all music courses, students will be involved in performing, listening to and creating music. Through their involvement in these activities, students will learn about the structure, meaning and importance of music in their own lives and the lives of others.

Junior Band 8/9
At least one year of experience in a band program or musical equivalent is required for this course. Students will develop the fundamental skills necessary to be successful in a secondary music program. Proper instrument technique, strategies for successful practice, ensemble skills, and improved theoretical knowledge will be covered throughout the year. Students will have opportunities to perform various musical works in both formal and informal settings.

 Senior Band 10-12
Day 2, 7:20 – 8:35 am

Students taking this course should have at least three years of experience in performance on a concert band instrument. Students will be presented with challenging concert band repertoire, and practice advanced technique and ensemble awareness. Senior students are also expected to demonstrate exemplary behaviour and leadership within the program.

Jazz Band 9-12
Monday & Thursday 3:10 – 4:30pm

Students choosing this course must have at least two years of experience on their instrument and must also be enrolled in Concert Band. This course concentrates on developing advanced stylistic, technical and rhythmic abilities through ensemble and solo performance in the jazz idiom. Students will also explore the skills and knowledge required to gain confidence in improvisation.

Concert Choir 8-12
Day 1, 7:20 – 8:35am 

Students of all abilities and levels of singing experience are welcome to select Choir. However, previous involvement with choral music would be an asset. Students will study and perform music from a variety of styles and musical periods and will continue to develop their individual and ensemble vocal skills.

Music Leadership 11/12 

This course provides students who excel in and enjoy their studies in music to pass this enthusiasm onto others. Music Leadership students have the opportunity to mentor other students and help in the organization and success of Cariboo Hill’s Music program. Students considering taking this course are encouraged to speak to Ms. Brown before submitting their course selection forms.