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Cariboo Hill Secondary School

8580 16th Avenue
British Columbia
V3N 1S6

Telephone: (604) 296-6890
Fax: (604) 296-6893


Twitter: @caribooSD41


To report your child’s absence, please call the school at 604-296-6890 and Press 2 (leave a voicemail message at any time) or email the office at and include the following information:

  • student full name
  • student ID (if parents know)
  • student grade
  • date
  • specific time or block/period
  • reason

Students can also bring a note from their parent and leave the note at the reception.

If your child will be away for consecutive days, please fill come to the office to pick up an Extended Absence form, have it signed by all of his/her teachers and the Vice Principal, and leave the form in the office.