Dry Grad Committee

June 8 2020

Dear Parents or Guardians of the Graduates of 2020

Thank you very much for your patience as we navigate these new times. Although this is not what we all expected when the school year started, the Parent Dry Grad Committee of Cariboo Hill Secondary would like to invite all graduates to the “Cap and Gown Photo Opportunity Event.” This event will take place in the school’s large gym on Friday June 26, 2020 from 1:00pm–5:00pm.  This event is optional and all costs will be covered by the Parent Dry Grad Committee fundraising which has taken place during the school year. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the order of the BC Provincial government, the original dry grad event had to be cancelled. Based on the Provincial Health Organization recommendations and guidelines, we have planned the following event for our graduates:

  • The large gym at the school will be decorated by parent and teacher volunteers. A stage will be in place for the graduates to walk across.
  • Groups of 15 students in alphabetical order will arrive in 20-minute increments. There is a total of 104 graduates.
  • Teacher volunteers will be controlling the flow of car traffic in the parking lot off Armstrong Ave.
  • Students must arrive wearing their cap, tassel, gown, and stole along with their graduation folder.  No extras will be available at the event due to COVID-19 person to person transmission concerns. 
  • Each graduate and a maximum of two family members will line up outside the school’s large gym. There will be markings in place and volunteers to ensure that the graduates are two meters apart.
  • Although all doors will be propped open, there will only be one entrance and one exit for graduates and their families.
  • Prior to entering the large gym, graduates and their two family members will be signed in by a teacher volunteer. The Covid-19 Health Check/Survey will also need to be completed by the graduate and their two family members. Hand sanitizer will be provided and is mandatory for all before entering.
  • Graduates will enter the large gym, one at a time, with their two family members.
  • The graduate will walk across the stage to take a photograph with Mr. Chin standing at the podium 6ft away. Artona will be providing their photography services. This photograph will be distributed to graduates at a later time.
  • The event will be recorded by a professional videographer, which will also be available for graduates at a later time.
  • As the graduate crosses the stage, teacher volunteers will announce their name, along with a grad write up including awards won. 
  • The graduate’s two family members will watch the graduate cross the stage, standing at least two meters behind the photographer and the videographer.
  • The graduate will finish crossing the stage and exit the large gym with their two family members. They will be required to immediately leave the school site.

We recognize this is not a traditional Dry Grad Celebration, but it is an opportunity to recognize our graduates’ accomplishments while adhering to provincial guidelines. We hope all graduates will participate in this event. A survey will be sent out shortly to confirm which graduates will attend. Once the attendees are verified, confirmation of a time slot will be communicated with the graduate. 

Thank you for your support.

The Parent Dry Grad Committee of 2020