Engineering Summit

The Summit Programs are designed to offer enrichment to the regular high school curriculum. Although each program has its own curricular concentration, they all provide students with a strong foundation for post-secondary education after graduation. To earn the Engineering Summit Diploma, all three years of the program must be completed.  However, all Grade 10- 12 students are welcome to take the Engineering Projects courses, even if they don’t take all the required Math and Science courses.


The CHSS Engineering Summit Program

There is a lot more to being a successful engineering student than academic skills. Technical writing, public speaking and the ability to work with others are all essential
skills that are valued by employers and post-secondary institutions. The Summit Engineering program will give students opportunities to hone their technical writing and public speaking skills as they document and present their projects. Guest speakers, field experiences and possible mentorships from engineering companies will enrich the program. Students will be able to see the wide range of possibilities an engineering degree can provide them.

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