Physical Education

Leah Bosello
(Dept. Head)
  • Physical Health Education 9 & 10
  • Active Living
Dave Gaudet
(Athletic Director)
  • Physical Health Education 8,9,10
  • Physical Health Education Leadership 11, 12
Greg Campbell
  • Fitness & Conditioning 11/12
Chris Harrison 
  • Physical Health Education 8 & 9
  • Active Living
Amy Lai
  • Active Living



Goals and Objectives
The emphasis of Cariboo Hill’s PE program for grades 8 through 10 is participation. Students are encouraged and rewarded for participating in all aspects of the class to the best of their ability. A successful student gives a conscientious effort during the warm up run, stretching, drills and games. As the skill and fitness levels vary widely within each class, the teacher hopes to see a positive attitude towards each activity, improvement in athletic skill, sportsmanship, a sense of fair play, respect for others and a bit of sweat!

It is hoped that students will develop a positive attitude towards physical activity and gain the skills and knowledge to feel comfortable participating in physical activity as they get older. It is also hoped that they experience life long health through the benefits of physical fitness.

Team sport activities offered are volleyball, rugby, basketball, soccer and softball. Solo activities offered are dance, gymnastics and track & field. Each grade level has one classroom unit to meet curriculum requirements.

  • Grade 8 – Family Life
  • Grade 9 – Active Health
  • Grade 10 – Health Issues and CPR Certification

These percentages may vary slightly according to the units taught in each term.

  • Participation: 45%
  • Personal & social responsibility: 40%
  • Skill level: 5%
  • Fitness level: 5%
  • Knowledge: 5%


Goals and Objectives
Cariboo Hill’s Senior Recreation Program combines grade 11 and 12’s into a course for the recreationally-inclined student. This course incorporates instructional lessons, activity units and many unique community recreation opportunities. Access to facilities within our community and the Lower Mainland offer exposure to activities that may become life-long interests.

Due to the mature and challenging nature of this course, enrolment is encouraged for students who have passed PE 10 in good standing (ie: A or B final mark). Each student is offered participation (for a small fee) in many off-campus excursions. Please feel free to contact the school to enquire further about these fees. Some of the many trips our students go on are:

  • Hiking – Grouse Grind, Mt. Seymour
  • Ice hockey/skating
  • Canoeing
  • Laser tag
  • Kayaking
  • Golf – driving range, pitch & putt
  • Black Tusk
  • Sailing – Jerico Beach
  • Biking trip (overnight)
  • Mountain biking around the sea wall in Stanley Park
  • Bowling
  • Dragon boat racing
  • Billiards
  • Archery
  • Racquetball/squash
  • Indoor soccer / lacrosse
  • Curling
  • Skiing / snowboarding
  • Weightlifting / fitness centre (Canada Games Pool)
  • Snow tubing
  • Indoor rock climbing

These percentages may vary slightly according to the units taught in each term.

  • Participation: 45%
  • Personal & social responsibility: 40%
  • Skill level: 5%
  • Fitness level: 5%
  • Knowledge: 5%


POLAR Heart Rate Monitors
Cariboo Hill’s Physical Education department has purchased a class set of POLAR heart-rate monitors for use in its daily classes. These devices resemble a wristwatch that the students wear that is coded to a chest strap worn under their PE strip. On display for both the student and teacher to see is the student’s current heart rate (measured in beats per minute). As the level of activity increases, so should the heart rate. The students calculate an “optimum?zone for cardiovascular fitness and try to keep their heart rates within this zone as the class progresses.

All different fitness levels and body types are able to see the benefits of regular exercise as a quantitative measurement each day. The teachers are also able to download these monitors to a software program that will chart their individual progress towards their fitness goals. Students previously discouraged by a lack of skill or fitness are experiencing new levels of achievement in Cariboo’s Phys. Ed program. Students are evaluated on their own level of effort (as seen on their own monitor), not their perceived level of effort in comparison to other students. For more information on this new technology project or the heart-rate monitors, please contact PE teacher Ms. W. Palmer by email at:


Goals and Objectives
Cariboo Hill has a comprehensive, well-rounded approach to life-long physical health. Included in our curriculum are many off-campus experiences to expose our students to new activities they may adopt as interests for their future. These trips range from PE 8 up to PE 12 Recreation. As a staff we minimize costs wherever possible to encourage all our students to participate.

PE 8 – Cultus Lake Water Park Adventure
Each year in May, we take all the grade 8 Physical Education students out of the building for a whole day. They travel to Cultus Lake Waterpark, just 20 minutes past Abbotsford, BC. On this trip, often over 150 students and staff enjoy a day of water adventures ranging from soaker pools to extreme water-slides. There is something for every level of comfort here, as many of our students and staff enjoy up to 5 hours of light-hearted, fun and thrill-seeking activities.

PE 9 – Field Trip Information
Coming Soon

PE 10 – Community-Based Outings
Our Physical Education 10 program often includes exposure to opportunities for students to continue an active lifestyle both throughout their senior years in high school and later in life. We start the year with a campus-based program where Tennis BC comes to our school and instructs our students through the fundamentals with the latest in technical and strategic components of the game. In the spring, our PE 10 classes welcome the Burnaby Firefighters into our school to teach our students the Heartstart CPR program. In addition to this, several of our classes also go on single-class outings to Lucky Strike Bowling Lanes, Alpha Billiards, and Planet Lazer lazer tag arena. Once again, teachers minimize costs where applicable to ensure maximum student participation.

PE 11/12 Recreation – A Course Based Around Community Outings


Goals and Objectives
The PE leadership program is designed to allow senior students the opportunity to develop leadership skills in PE/Athletics type setting. Selected students will have the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their leadership skills in three main areas:

Teaching Assistant PE leadership students will be assigned to a junior PE class (Grade 8, 9 or 10) and work closely with the supervising teacher
X Block Students attend once a week at lunch. This time is crucial for working together with other PELD students, planning events and learning how to be an effective leader
Service Hours PE leadership students are expected to contribute time and leadership skills to our school community to help continue making Cariboo a great place to be

To avoid overlap with other leadership groups in the school (Leadership and Student Government) PE Leadership organizes events which are primarily activity based and focuses on games, sports and athletics.

Charity Events: Terry Fox Run

School Spirit Events: Hoe Hoe HoeDown, Staff/Student noon hour games, officiate intramural leagues

Athletics: Help run and officiate at extracurricular games and tournaments, train officials, manage and coach school teams

Course Requirements and Expectations
personal qualifications – To be accepted into the PELD program students must have achieved the following:

  • An A or B final grade in PE10
  • Recommendation by their PE10 teacher
  • A keen interest / involvement in sports, athletics and physical activity
  • Be considered responsible and completely trustworthy
  • Be considered an excellent role model