Congratulation to Cariboo Hill Grads of 2022-2023. We did really well in our Scholarships this year and we wish the Grade class much love and luck for the future and in their Post Secondary Education.

The Grads of Cariboo Hill Secondary earned over $303,600 in scholarships last year

School/Community Scholarships $111,000
District Scholarships $6,600
University, College & Technical Post Secondary Scholarships $186,000

Excellent Work!


Dear Grade 12 Parents and Students:

My job as the Scholarship Coordinator is to try to get as many of our Grade 12 students at Cariboo Hill a scholarship. Your children should have filled out a Student Profile; these Profiles are kept in a secure location and gives me information about your child’s academic information, volunteer and work experience and post-secondary aspirations. I can then use this information to find the appropriate scholarships. Please ask them if they have handed in this profile to me. If they have not, please remind them ASAP.

There are three ways your child can take responsibility in finding out about potential scholarships available to them:

  1. They can come and see me in my classroom: room 303
  2. They can go to my blog which has the most up to date information on available scholarship. Go to
  3. You and your child need to be proactive about searching for scholarships and bursaries. There are thousands of dollars out there for post secondary. Scholarships are not only for our highly academic student pursuing a University degree but there are scholarships and bursaries available for students going into a college or technical school program (BCIT). Please remind your child that most scholarships require at least a 2.5 (C+) average for their grade 11 and 12 years. Volunteer experience is also seen very positively by reviewers of applications.
  4. Information about School and District Scholarship will be announced in the Scholarships TEAMs in Office365. Other information and reminders will also be posted in TEAMs.

If you or your child have any questions, you can contact me via email at 

    Sandra DaSilva

Reference Form

Student Profile

Scholarship PowerPoint

Cariboo Hill Garde 12 – How to Apply Handout

Student Transcript Service – How To