Learning Story 3


Mr. Goeson sits at a table with his House Block talking to his students as they set up for a game of Trouble. Mr. Goeson asks about their evening and what they learned about the day before. You can see the two boys to his left stand in anticipation to play with their fellow house block students.


Mr. Goeson jokes with the young lady across from him about cheating and she slyly gives him a smile and jokes about him being a Las Vegas card shark. The group all smile.


The group settles down for a game and Mr. Goeson continues to build on his connection with his students. They talk about what they did last night, discuss math and joke about their next move in the game.


As the group continues to be playful with each other, Mr. Goeson shuffles like an expert and you can feel the sense of belonging and togetherness the group has with each other.