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Dry Grad – Purdy’s Chocolate and Bottle/Can Return-It Fundraiser


The Dry Grad Parent Committee is busy coordinating a fun and safe dry grad event for our 2023 graduation students.  This event follows the hotel dinner/dance in June 2023.

An important part of the Committee is fundraising to help pay for the costs of the venue, entertainment and food.


Please help us achieve our fundraising goal of $750 by ordering your holiday season chocolates through this Purdy’s Chocolates Fundraiser.  We earn 25% of all sales over $1,000.  So, the more chocolate you order, the more the Dry Grad Parent Committee receives to use towards the dry grad event.

Online order deadline:  Wednesday, November 16

Pick up date:  Thursday, December 8  from 2:30-5pm

Pick up location:  Cariboo Hill School main entrance

Link to our Purdy’s fundraising campaign website: 



Did you know that you can have your recycling refunds credited to our Dry Grad account?  Simply return your empty refundable beverage containers (glass or plastic bottles, cans and boxes from beer, pop, water, wine, liquor, juice and milk products!) to any Return-It Express depot ( in clear plastic bags. Enter the Cariboo Dry Grad account number: 604-296-6890 into the Return Express machine and choose how many labels you need (one per bag, maximum 6 per visit). Stick a label on each bag and place in the Express Return bin. No sorting, counting or waiting required! Please limit to 12 glass bottles per bag for safe handling. If you are able to collect your returnables, but can’t get them to a Return-It depot, email us at

Thank you in advance for your support!

Stay tuned for more opportunities to support dry grad.
Your Dry Grad Parent Committee