Family of Schools


• To build a strong and caring community between Cariboo, Armstrong and Second Street
• To build community capacity and strengthen communication and engagement within the schools and broader community
• To develop leadership opportunities for secondary school students and support elementary school recreational/social learning opportunities
• To develop Kindergarten to Grade 12 learning opportunities





Community Engagement Process

Community Conversations:
Two community conversations were initiated where parents and community members from the Cariboo Hill/Second Street/Armstrong catchment area gathered together to begin a conversation about ways to strengthen our family of schools and work together in support of our children and families. The focus of the first community conversation was to celebrate our strengths as a community and to brainstorm ways we can continue to work together to create an even more vibrant and connected community. The second community conversation moved us forward into plans for action.

The following questions guided the first community conversations
• What is worth celebrating in our community?
• What are the strengths and assets that make this a good place to raise your children?
• What can make this community even stronger?
• What is the best you can imagine for our community?
• What three wishes do you have for our community?

Through these conversations the following themes were highlighted:

Who we are as a community
• Strong sense of history/diversity/multigenerational families
• Socially aware people give and care/student and community volunteers/small business and church support
• Live in natural beauty/environmentally aware
• Take pride in community/safe, welcoming and open neighbourhood

Our hopes for our community
• More collaboration/connection between three schools
• Create a mission and vision together/what makes us unique?
• Create networking opportunities for community conversations, involve schools staff in conversations with community, engage others to become involved in community projects and conversations
• Create community garden or gathering space/time and space for togetherness
• Increase community use of schools/ open schools to broader community/link community supports
• Develop community coaches /peer mentors to support others especially youth in community
• Strengthen after school programs/secondary school youth as leaders

To work toward:
• Develop Cariboo Hill Secondary as the neighbourhood hub
• Develop Cariboo Hill Secondary as social/environmental action school building from strengths of the community/brings a sustainable community focus

What can we create together…moving toward action.










The following initiatives have developed as a result of our focus on building community within family of schools

Building Strong and Caring Community /Build Capacity/Strengthen Engagement

Family of schools events:

Garden project
Fence art project
Financial literacy workshops
Community cooking /nutrition classes
Family potluck
Community barbeque through Burnaby Neighbourhood House grant

Eastside opportunities connections:

Expanding work from Second Street to work with Armstrong/Cariboo students
Youth programs
Breakfast club
Girls groups
Targeted grade 8 youth group








Develop Leadership Opportunities for Secondary Students /Support Elementary School Recreational/Social Learning Opportunities

• Community leadership: grade 11/12 students develop projects within the community
• High Five training for secondary student leaders
• Rec and Read program for Second Street /Armstrong supported by Cariboo volunteers
• Soccer camp for Second Street/Armstrong run by Cariboo boy’s soccer team
• Dance and Drama club for Armstrong/Second Street students run by Cariboo Hill student volunteers
• Basketball/volleyball workshop run by Cariboo athletic leadership students
• Summer programs/Cariboo Hill student leaders

• Cariboo Hill Mentors
Build leadership/community mindedness of secondary school youth/match secondary students with small group and individual students to support social needs
• boys mentoring project
• girls self esteem groups












Develop K to 12 Learning Opportunities

• Social media with Grade 6/7 at Armstrong/Second Street
• Bienalle art project with Cariboo art students
• Electronics workshops –joint project with Grade 4/5 from Armstrong
• Carpentry workshops – joint project with Grade 5/6 from Armstrong
• Math workshops- Cariboo students teaching math at Second Street
• Science workshop – Grade 6/7 Armstrong students working in lab with Cariboo students
• Social Responsibility – Youth Action/Me to We clubs of schools working together on joint projects
• Restitution for secondary students/volunteer work with their elementary school